HomeComputer AwarenessComputer Awareness Quiz Questions And Answers Set 38

Computer Awareness Quiz Questions And Answers Set 38

Computer Awareness Quiz Questions And Answers Set 38

Computer Knowledge is considered as one of the most mark taker and easy sections in all the Competitive such as Government, Bank, and IT Jobs. in this article, we have provided a set of Computer Knowledge Online Test questions that contains Computer Knowledge including Basics of Computer, Data structure (DS), Internet, MS Excel, Software, Windows and other related questions are here.

Q.1 How many function keys are on a keyboard?

A) 10
B) 11
C) 12
D) 13

Q.2 What are the small dots on the screen of a monitor called?

A) Pixel
B) Dixel
C) Resolution
D) None

Q.3. properties of computer are ——.

A) Accuracy
B) High Speed
C) Competence
D) All

Q.4 Which is an input device?

A) KeyBoard
B) Mouse
C) Joystick
D) All

Q.5 plotter is a?

A) Input device
B) Output device
C) Memory device
D) None

Q.6 Which is not an input device?

A) Mouse
B) Monitor
C) Keyboard
D) Line Pen

Q.7. Hard disk has track zero —-.

A) the outermost
B) the innermost
C) Depend on machine
D) None

Q.8 Who is the father of computers?

A) William Bush
B) Blaise Pascal
C) Charles Babbage
D) None

Q.9 First generation computers are based on?

A) Transistor
B) Electronic Tube
C) Macmillan Switches
D) Integrated Circuits

Q.10 How many elements are there in a computer??

A) 2
B) 3
C) 4
D) 5

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