HomeComputer AwarenessComputer Awareness Quiz Questions And Answers Set 25

Computer Awareness Quiz Questions And Answers Set 25

Computer Awareness Quiz Questions And Answers Set 25

Computer Knowledge is considered as one of the most mark taker and easy sections in all the Competitive such as Government, Bank, and IT Jobs. in this article, we have provided a set of Computer Knowledge Online Test questions that contains Computer Knowledge including Basics of Computer, Data structure (DS), Internet, MS Excel, Software, Windows and other related questions are here.

Q.1 A key that turns a function on and off is called.

A) Power
B) Toggle
C) Control
D) None

Q.2 USB stands for ——–.

A) Universal Serial Band
B) Universal Serial Bus
C) Unique Serial Bus
D) None

Q.3. ——— Server prevents direct access to and from the internet?

A) Direct
B) Proxy
C) Optical
D) Magnetic

Q.4 To prevent infection by the computer virus?

A) Avoid Visiting Medical Sites
B) Don’t Update OS
C) Scan email with attachments
D) All

Q.5 A command used in windows OS to list all the directories or files in a current location?

A) Is
B) List
C) Dir
D) A & B

Q.6 Which of the following is/are Not malicious in nature?

A) Worm
B) Virus
C) Trojan Horse
D) All

Q.7. The process of copying a file into CD/DVD is called?

A) Storing
B) Burning
C) Pasting
D) Cutting

Q.8 Which is/are apps stores?

A) Google Play Store
B) Apple APP Store
C) Window Store
D) All

Q.9 A collection of interrelated records is called?

A) Spreadsheet
B) Database
C) Management Information Systems
D) Text File

Q.10 Which output device is used for translating information from a computer into the pictorial form of paper?

A) Mouse
B) Plotter
C) Touch Panel
D) Card Punch

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