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Computer Awareness Questions And Answers Set 2

Computer Awareness Questions And Answers Set 2

Computer Knowledge is considered as one of the most mark taker and easy sections in all the Competitive such as Government, Bank, and IT Jobs. in this article, we have provided a set of Computer Knowledge Online Test questions that contains Computer Knowledge including Basics of Computer, Data structure (DS), Internet, MS Excel, Software, Windows and other related questions are here.

Q.1 Which can simultaneously keep multiple Web pages open in one browser window?

A) Tab box
B) Pop-up helper
C) Tab row
D) Address bar

Q.2 Name of the process that divides the disk into tracks and sectors?

A) Tracking
B) Formatting
C) Dividing
D) Allotting

Q.3 What is An Integrated Circuit (IC)?

A) Fabricated on a tiny silicon chip
B) A flexible circuit
C) Much costlier than a single transistor
D) a Connecting device

Q4. Which are the following one that resides inside other devices

A) Chips
B) Embedded computers
C) Robotic computers
D) None

Q.5 The Central Processing Unit (CPU) is?

A) Registers and Arithmetic Logic Unit
B) Instruction Decoding Circuit
C) A control and timing section
D) All

Q.6 A computer includes a full of electronic ———.

A) Wires
A) Chips
C) Circuits
D) Registers

Q.7 Which is used to enter data into, and show data from, a computer or a computing system?

A) Terminal
B) Monitor
C) Desktop
D) Chip

Q.8 Which has digits, 0 to 9, and A to F.

A) Decimal
B) Hexadecimal
C) Octal
D) Binary

Q.9 A computer needs ————, without it, cannot “boot”

A) Compiler
B) Loader
C) Operating System (OS)
D) Booting

Q.10 Nam of the part of the CPU that coordinates all the activities of a computer system?

(A) Motherboard
(B) Coordination board
(C) Control unit (CU)
(D) Arithmetic and logic unit

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