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Christmas 2023: When is Christmas? What Day of the Week Is It In December?

Christmas 2023: When is Christmas? – Every year, people celebrate Christmas on December 25. The day is marked by happiness, harmony, goodwill, and meditation. The day of Christmas aims to remind people of the value of love, compassion, and community in our lives.

When is Christmas in 2023?

Christians observe Christmas on December 25 as per the Gregorian calendar. There is a story about when Jesus was born, but the church decided on December 25 as the official date in the early 4th century.

Christmas Calendar (2023-2035)

Christmas YearDateDay
2023December 25 Monday
2024December 25 Wednesday
2025December 25 Thursday
2026December 25 Friday
2027December 25 Saturday
2028December 25 Monday
2029December 25 Tuesday
2030December 25 Wednesday
2031December 25 Thursday
2032December 25Saturday
2033December 25Sunday
2034December 25Monday
2035December 25Tuesday


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