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Biggest Crocodile in the World

Sarcosuchus imperator is known as the biggest crocodile in the world with 41 feet in length, followed by Purussaurus brasilensis, Mourasuchus, and Rhamphosuchus. Here, you will find the details about the list of top 10 biggest crocodiles in the world.

Biggest Crocodiles in the World

S.No.Crocodile NameLength
1.Sarcosuchus imperator41 Feet
2.Purussaurus brasilensis41 feet
3.Mourasuchus39 Feet four Inches
4.Rhamphosuchus36 Feet
5.Deinosuchus35 Feet
6.Gryposuchus croizati33 feet
7.Euthecodon brumpti33 feet
8.Purussaurus mirandai32 feet nine Inches

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Which is the largest crocodile in the world?

The biggest crocodile in the world Sarcosuchus imperator with 41 feet in length.

Which is the second biggest crocodile in the world?

The Purussaurus brasiliensis is the world’s largest crocodile, weighed approximately 18,500 pounds during the Late Miocene in South America.


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