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Amazon Quiz Answers Today 10 January 2023

Amazon Quiz Answers Today 10 January 2023: Amazon India has introduced the daily Amazon Quiz for its users where they can attempt to answer questions and can have an opportunity to win exciting prizes of Rs 20,000. Users can start The Amazon Quiz Today and The prizes include free products such as mobile phones and other gadgets and goodies and an Amazon Pay balance.

Amazon Daily Quiz Answers Today: Overview

Quiz NameAmazon Quiz Questions and Answers
Today’s Amazon Quiz Prize:20,000 pay balance
Amazon Quiz Date:January 10th, 2023
CategoryAmazon Quiz
Amazon Quiz Time:12 midnight –11:59 PM
Winners ListAnnounced

Amazon Quiz Answers Daily 10th January 2023

Q1: A single piece of coiled DNA is called __.

Answer 1 (D) – Chromosome

Q2: Which is the closest planet to the sun?

Answer 2 (C) – Mercury

Q3: Who won the Golden Boot for being the highest goal scorer at the 2022 FIFA World Cup?

Answer 3 (C) – Kylian Mbappe

Q4: This is a picture taken at which national park, known for its population of this animal?

Answer 4 (D) – Kaziranga National Park

Q5: Which of these is a famous song by the singer in picture?

Answer 5 (C) – Rolling in the Deep

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Q1: Which is the biggest planet in our Solar System?

Answer 1 (A) – Jupiter

Q2: Which animal has tusks made of ivory?

Answer 2 (D) – Elephant

Q3: The capital of the Maurya Dynasty was _ ? (Fill in the blanks)

Answer 3 (A) – Pataliputra

Q4: Which animal is the largest member of the cat family?

Answer 4 (B) – Tiger

Q5: Who is known as The Father Of Computer?

Answer 5 (B) – Charles Babbage

Amazon Daily Quiz Time Details:

  • Quiz Name: Amazon Daily Quiz
  • Prize of Quiz: 25000/-
  • Conducted by: Amazon India
  • #amazonDaily

How to Play the Amazon answer and win the quiz?

Step 1: First, Download and install the Amazon App from Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store. (If you don’t have an App).

Step 2: Open the Amazon App.

Step 3: Now, you must log in or create a new account to play the Amazon quiz.

Step 4: How to Join the Amazon Quiz: Follow these steps >> Go to the homepage and scroll down in the Amazon app >> Offers Section >> click on Amazon Quiz 8 AM to 12 PM.

Note: Users can also join the quiz to do this Menu >> Programs and Features >> FunZone.

Step 5: Here, you will just click on the Amazon Quiz Banner & tap on the “Start” button to play the quiz

Step 6: Attempt the five questions correctly to win exciting prizes.


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