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Alaska Quiz Questions with Answers

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Alaska Quiz Questions and Answers

Q1. When did Alaska become a state of the USA?
Ans – 3 January 1959

Q2. Which ocean is located to the north of Alaska?
Ans -Atlantic

Q3. Which sea is to be located the west of Alaska?
Ans -Bering

Q4. Which country is located to the east of Alaska?
Ans -Canada

Q5. Which ocean is located to the south of Alaska?
Ans -Pacific

Q6. In which year, did the USA purchase Alaska from Russia?
Ans – 1867 for $7.2 million

Q7. Who negotiated the Alaska Purchase with Russia?
Ans – William Henry Seward

Q8. The capital of Alaska?
Ans – Juneau

Q9. The highest point is ———– in Alaska.
Ans – Mount McKinley, Denali

Q10. Who was appointed as Alaska’s governor in 2008?
Ans – Sarah Palin

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