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Alabama Quiz Questions with Answers

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Alabama Quiz Questions and Answers

Q1. Name of the state is to the north of Alabama?
Ans – Tennessee

Q2. Name of the state is to the east of Alabama?
Ans – Georgia

Q3. Name of the state is to the west of Alabama?
Ans – Mississippi

Q4. The capital of Alabama?
Ans – Montgomery

Q5. Who directed an expedition in Alabama in 1540 in search of gold?
Ans – Hernando de Soto

Q6. When was the Battle of Mobile Bay?
Ans – 5 August 1864

Q7. Which river is initiated by the joining of the Coosa and Tallapoosa rivers?
Ans – Tombigbee

Q8. On which date, did the Supreme Court of the USA announce segregation in public schools unconstitutional?
Ans – 17 May 1954

Q9. Name of the person as Alabama’s governor in 1963 attempted to stop desegregation in the University of Alabama.
Ans – George Wallace

Q10. What is the area of Alabama?
Ans – 51,700 sq. mi.

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