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18 October 2019 Current Affairs

18 October 2019 Current Affairs

Dear Students ,Today we have come with Current Affairs of 18 October 2019 . gk current affair 2019 and  also available on this website. latest current affairs, Today Current Affairs

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Current Affairs English

Current Affairs : National 

in India, the population of Livestock increases 4.6 % to almost 536 Millions

  • The Department of Animal Husbandry and Dairying has come with data of 20th Livestock Census -2019, it highlights that the livestock population has grown by 4.6 percent to over 535 million in 2019 from 512.06 million in 2012.
  • in 2019, now, the Total Bovine population (Cattle, Buffalo, Mithun and Yak) is almost 302.79 Million which displays about 1% increase compared to previous census.
  • in India nation, the total number of cattle are 192.49 million with an increase of 0.8 % compared to last year.
  • The Female Cattle (Cows population) is now 145.12 million, by 18.0% increased than the previous census (2012).
  • in India, The total buffaloes are 109.85 million, there is 1.0 percent increase than previous Census.
  • and if we talk about The total milch animals (in-milk and dry) in cows and buffaloes now is 125.34 million with 6.0 percent grow .
  • In addition, in 2019, the total sheep in the nation is 74.26 million. there can be seen 14.1 percent increase compared to previous Census.
  • in the country in 2019, The population of Goat animal is 148.88 million with an increase of 10.1 percent compared to last census.
  • in the nation, the total number of Pigs is 9.06 Million in 2019 year census which shows a decreament of 12.03 percent than last Census.
  • the rest of livestock like mithun, yak, horses, ponies, mules, donkeys, camels, they are giving their contribution almost 0.23 percent of total population with 1.24 million.
  • the total number of poultry is 851.81 million in current year census, it has submitted its 16.8 percent increase in poultry population.
  • The total birds in the backyard poultry in india is 317.07 million with 46 percent compared to last Census.
  • in 2019, The total Commercial Poultry is 534.74 million with increment of 4.5 percent than previous Census.
  • in Uttar Pradesh, it has the highest number of livestock of 67.8 million, Rajasthan has 56.8 million (57.7 million) and Madhya Pradesh has 40.6 million (36.3 million) and West Bengal has 37.4 million (30.3 million).
Livestock Population in 2019
Bovine population (Cattle, Buffalo, Mithun and Yak)302.79 Million
Cattle population192.49 million
Female Cattle (Cows population)145.12 million
buffaloes population109.85 million
milchanimals  population125.34 million
sheep population74.26 million
Goat population 148.88 million
Pigs  population9.06 million
mithun, yak, horses, ponies, mule, donkeys, camel population1.24 million
poultry population 851.81 million
backyard poultry population317.07 million
Commercial poultry population534.74 million

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Current Affairs : International

UAE has decided to set up a First graduate-level, research-based AI university of world

  • UAE has decided to establish Mohamed bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence( MBZUAI) that will be first graduate-level, research-based AI university across the world .
  • the university MBZUAI will help to graduate students, businesses and governments to get in touch with AI ( artificial intelligence ) field.
  • The name for University has been kept as Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, who is Crown Prince and Deputy Supreme Commande in armed forces of UAE.
Important Information about UAE
Capital And CurrencyAbu Dhabi and “Dirham”
PMSheikh Mohammed bin Rashed al-Maktoum

Current Affairs : Appointments

Anup Kumar Singh has been selected as DG ( Director General ) of NSG

  • the Gujarat cadre’s Senior IPS officer Anup Kumar Singh has been chosen as next Director-General of the National Security Guard (NSG).
  • The Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave approvals for appointing 1985-batch IPS officer Anup Kumar Singh as next DG of the black cats commando force. his appointment will come in effect from 30th September 2020 in next year

Current Affairs : Ranking

 India Innovation Index 2019

  • NITI Aayog has issued the India Innovation Index (III) 2019. The India Innovation Index 2019 has been made on line of Global Innovation Index (GII), shows the innovation ecosystem of Indian states and union territories (UT) that helps to design policies to drive innovation in regions.
  • According to first Innovation Index of NITI Aayogs :
  • 1st place     — Karnataka 
  • 2nd place    — TamilNadu
  • 3rd place    — Maharashtra
  • 4th place    — Telangana
  • 5th place    — Haryana
bottom states in the index
Chhattisgarh 15
Bihar 16
Jharkhand 17
Topper north-eastern states in the index
 Himachal Pradesh 
Topper union territories states in the index
most efficient states in translating inputs into output in the index
Delhi, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Telangana
About India Innovation index
  • five enablers : (1) Human Capital, (2) Investment, (3) Knowledge Workers, (4) Business Environment, and (5) Safety and Legal Environment.
  • indicators : (6) Knowledge Output and (7) Knowledge Diffusion
Total : 7 pillars

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