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World Seagrass Day 2024: Date, History, Significance

World Seagrass Day is celebrated every year on March 1. The day aims to raise awareness about seagrass and its important functions in the marine ecosystem. On 22 May 2022, It was declared by the United Nations General Assembly after passing a resolution by Sri Lanka to highlight the conservation of seagrass in marine environments.

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About Seagrass

It is a flowering marine plant that can be found along coastlines worldwide. It serves as a crucial source of food for marine life and helps stabilize water quality. Seagrass offers an important source of food for marine life. It provides crucial environmental, social, and economic benefits.


In 2022, Sri Lanka passed a resolution to declare a formal World Seagrass Day. This emergency caused the United Nations to create awareness of preserving and conserving seagrass around the world.

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2024March 1Friday
2025March 1Saturday
2026March 1Sunday
2027March 1Monday
2028March 1Wednesday

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Where is the largest seagrass plant in the world?

The world’s largest seagrass plant is in Western Australia and its size is around the size of 28,000 football fields.

What are seagrass and seaweed?

Seagrass includes roots, stems, and leaves, it is considered a vascular plant. Seaweed is a collection of multicellular algae.

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