World First Aid Day 2020

World First Aid Day 2020

The 2nd Saturday of September month is observed as World First Aid Day. it aims to create awareness that how first aid could save lives. in the last year, this day came on 14th September. First Aid means help when people suffer from disease or damage then he/she gets help as First Aid. the first intent is to save lives and prevent the condition from worsening.

World First Aid Day 2020 Theme –

  • Theme 2019 – First Aid and Excluded People. The theme’s aim is to create awareness of how first aid can help in preventing injuries and save lives in an emergency situation.

World First Aid Day: History

  • In the year 200, International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) started observing World First Aid Day. every year 100 Red Cross and Red Crescent Society people receive awareness and profits of first aid in the world. apart from this, it also creates awareness of why people need first aid and hoe to use first aid.

World First Aid Day: Objectives

  • The primary aim is to conduct necessary actions in order to protect the life of an injured person.
  • The 2nd reason for it is to manage the condition of an injured person with the help of first aid and help in preventing infection.
  • The 3rd reason for this day is to take the patient to the hospital.

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