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World Coconut Day 2022: History, Significance, Theme

Every year, World Coconut Day is celebrated on September 2 across the world to emphasise and spread knowledge of the value and advantages of coconuts. Coconut also ranks among the most consumed fruits worldwide.

  • The coconut plant is one of nature’s most versatile products, with uses ranging from food and drink to cosmetic preparations and decorating.
  • It is also a member of the drupe family and is mostly found in tropical countries.
  • Coconut fruit is most popular in the Asian-Pacific region.

World Coconut Day 2022: History and Significance

  • The coconut palm is considered the “tree of life” because of its multifaceted uses as food, fuel, medicine, cosmetics, building materials, and many other things.
  • Asia Pacific Coconut Community (APCC) celebrated the inaugural world coconut day on September 2nd, 2009 to draw attention to the value of coconuts and their influence on society.
  • UN-ESCAP (United Nations Economic and Social Commission for the Asia Pacific) authorised the APCC to conduct this day yearly to publicise their programmes, commemorate the course of action for promoting this tropical fruit, and raise awareness of its health advantages.
  • Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Goa, West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh, Orissa, etc observed this day with the help of the Coconut Development Board (CDB).

World Coconut Day Theme 2022

  • The International Coconut Community chooses the World Coconut Day themes. in 2022, The World Coconut Day theme is “Growing Coconut for a Better Future and Life”.
  • In 2021, the theme for World Coconut Day 2021 is “Building a Safe Inclusive Resilient and Sustainable Coconut Community Amid COVID-19 Pandemic & Beyond”.

Coconut Production in India

  • In India, coconut is majorly produced in West Bengal, Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and Andhra Pradesh states.
  • The northeast region has almost 33,493 hectares of land dedicated to coconut cultivation.

World Coconut Day 2022: FAQs

Q.1 When is World Coconut Day observed?

Coconut Day is observed on 2nd September every year.

Q.2 What is the Theme of Coconut Day 2022?

The Coconut Day theme 2022 is “Growing Coconut for a Better Future and Life”.


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