Why Mavi’s PUBG Mobile account banned?

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Why Mavi’s PUBG Mobile account banned?

Mavi Singh (known as Toxic Mavi) is the most popular Indian PUBG Mobile content creators. his real name is Harmandeep Singh. he runs a Youtube channel named Toxic Mavi, has more than 802k subscribers on his YouTube channel, with over 104 million combined views on his videos.

On 6th June 2021, Mavi’s PUBG Mobile account has been banned while streaming the game on his channel. but, there is good news for Mavi’ Fans that the ban will be only set for 24 hours.

Why Mavi’s PUBG Mobile ban

Mavi was on PUBG Mobile live stream then, he faced the following message unexpectedly popped up on his screen:

“Please download the PUBG MOBILE client app again from the App Store or Google Play. You will not be able to log in and may be penalized if you use a cracked version. unlocks on: 2021/06/07/ 12:21:39.”

tencent games has provided its support section for Why was my account banned?

  1. Use any cheating tools in the game;
  2. Using any unauthorized 3rd-party program to log in the game that results in changing the client file data;
  3. Any changes of client file data illegally, for example: Remove the grass or change the grass models in game;
  4. Use an unofficial game client to play the game.
  5. Fraudulent players in the game or promote illegal information or websites may cause players to lose their accounts or lose money.
  6. Team games with cheating teammates multiple times.
  7. Use any unauthorized payment channel to recharge UC.
  8. Team up with players in other team.

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