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Union Minister of Science & Technology releases “Biotech-PRIDE”


Union Minister of Science & Technology releases “Biotech-PRIDE”

The Union Ministry for Science & Technology has released “Biotech-PRIDE (Promotion of Research and Innovation through Data Exchange) Guidelines”. The Biotech-PRIDE Guidelines were developed by the Department of Biotechnology (DBT).

  • The main objective of The guidelines is to offer a well-defined framework.
  • It will also help in guiding principles to facilitate and will enable sharing and exchange of biological knowledge, information and data.
  • Such guidelines are to be implemented via the Indian Biological Data Centre (IBDC).
  • due to this, The information could be exchanged and will be used in promoting research and innovation in different research groups across the country.
  • The guidelines are not associated with the generation of biological data but, these will enable a mechanism to share and exchange information and knowledge generated as per the existing laws, rules, regulations and guidelines of the country.


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