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UN elected Indian teenager Udit Singhal


UN elected Indian teenager Udit Singhal

The United Nations has made an announcement to choose 18-year-old youngster Udit Singhal for Class of 17 Young Leaders for the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) 2020.

What is Young Leaders for the SDGs initiativ?

  • The UN Secretary-General’s Envoy on Youth has hosted initiative as the Young Leaders for the SDGs. it happens on a biennial basis.
  • The main aim of this initiative is to fight against the world issues and will create an opportunity for young people in order to catalogue the achievement of the SDGs.

Who is Udit Singhal –

  • Udit Singhal is the founder of Glass2Sand, Glass2Sand is a zero-waste ecosystem. it indicates the increasing glass waste in New Delhi. as per this initiative, empty glass bottles are not dumped into landfills because bottles are crushed into commercially valuable sand.
  • He has prevented more than 8,000 bottles from being dumped and generated almost 4,815 kg of high-grade silica sand.


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