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Truecaller Users Data leak !


Truecaller data leak

Almost 4.75 crore Indian Truecaller users Sensitive Data has found on sale on the dark web. On 27th May 2020, Truecaller has said that data seem to be related from a set leaked in May 2019. U.S.-based cyber intelligence firm confirmed about it.

  • The Truecaller data was classified into folders and wason sale for $1000 ( almost 76,000 INR).
  • However, the spokesperson of TrueCaller mentioned in statement on 27th May 2020. “There is no breach of our databases and all users Sensitive information is secure. also, he mentioned that TrueCaller company take the privacy of our users and the integrity of our services extremely seriously and company is continuously monitoring for suspicious activities.
  • Also, We were informed in May 2019 about a similar sale of data. it is very easy for bad actors to use multiple phone number with databases and can put a Truecaller stamp on it. By doing that, it lends some credibility to the data and it makes more easier for them to sell.

Truecaller data leak


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