Telangana Police starts “CybHer” campaign


Telangana Police starts CybHer campaign

  • The Women Safety Wing, Telangana State Police has started off a campaign named as CybHer with the help of the Legal Aid Centre, Symbiosis Law School, Hyderabad. the main purpose of campaign CybHer is to tackle cybercrime against children and women in the state. CybHer will run for month long and it will make cyberspace safe for both women and children across the state.
  • Apart from this, CybHer campaign will also create awareness and offer proactive measures to help them stay alert and not be a victims of cyberattacks. CybHer also aims to focus on incidents of paedophile activity, sexual harassment of minors and young adults under the likeness of education activity online, malware and data theft of personal information.

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