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Susan B Anthony Day – February 15, 2024

Susan B. Anthony Day is celebrated every year on February 15. This day commemorates the birth of Susan Brownell Anthony, who was one of the most influential women in American history. On this day, memorial ceremonies take place at her gravesite in Rochester. The services are provided in Washington D.C. Anthony battled a lifelong battle for equal labor and educational rights for women. Susan B. Anthony also took a stand against the practice of slavery and the consumption of alcohol.


Anthony was born into a Quaker family. She went to study at Canajoharie Academy, a Quaker school in 1826. She was appointed as the head of the girls’ department.

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2024February 15Thursday
2025February 15Saturday
2026February 15Sunday
2027February 15Monday
2028February 15Tuesday

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Did Susan B. Anthony marry?


Who was Susan B. Anthony?

She was an active member of the American Anti-Slavery Society.

Why do we celebrate Susan B. Anthony?

She was a women’s rights activist who played an important role in the women’s suffrage movement.


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