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Stephen Foster Memorial Day 2024: History, Dates, FAQs

Every year, Stephen Foster Memorial Day is observed on January 13. The day aims to allow you to discover America’s first songwriter and his music — which you might recognize. It also highlights the man who composed hundreds of popular American songs, even before songwriting was a career.

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Stephen Foster Memorial Day 2024: History

Stephen Foster had no formal tutoring in music and was assisted by musician and music dealer Henry Kleber. He learned how to play the clarinet, flute, piano, and guitar, and he showed a natural musical bent.

In 1850, He came to Pennsylvania to sign a contract with New York publishers Firth, Pond & Co., to write songs for the minstrel band, the Christy Minstrels.

In 1857, he sold the rights to all his future songs to his publishers for approximately $1,900 due to financial difficulties. He left around 200 songs for which he had written the words as well as the music. At the age of 37, he died in an accident at home.

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Stephen Foster Memorial Day 2024: Dates

2024January 13Saturday
2025January 13Monday
2026January 13Tuesday
2027January 13Wednesday
2028January 13Thursday

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Stephen Foster Memorial Day 2024: FAQs

When was Stephen Foster born on?

Foster was born in Lawrenceville, Pennsylvania, on July 4.

Where is the Stephen Foster Memorial?

The Stephen Collins Foster Memorial is located at the University of Pittsburgh. It is a performing arts center and museum.


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