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Statue of Peace in Rajasthan

Statue of Peace in Rajasthan

The Indian PM Shri Narendra Modi Ji has Inaugurated the ‘Statue of Peace’ in Rajasthan state. it was dedicated to Jain Monk Acharya Shree Vijay Vallabh Surishwarji Maharaj.

  • The statue is 12.6 feet in length and it was unveiled on Acharya Shree Vijay Vallabhsuri’s 151st birthday anniversary.
  • the statue is placed at Vijay Vallabh Sadhana Kendra, Jetpura, Pali, State Rajasthan.
  • The Statue of Peace made of Ashtadhatu. it consists of Copper.

Acharya Vijay Vallabhsuri

  • He was a Jain monk and passed his life as Jain Saint. he also messaged to the world.

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