Static GK Topics for SSC Exams 2021


Static GK Topics for SSC Exams 2021

Dears students, you will find the important Static GK Topics for SSC exams in 2021. these topics also cover Bank exam, IBPS exam, CET Exam, SSC Exam, Railway Exam and all govt competitive Exams.

Static GK –

Static Gk is related to the static facts, facts that will remain unchanged in future. such as a person, places, things, important days, currencies, dances, technology, capitals and so on.

Static GK Topics List for SSC

  1. States/UTs and Capitals
  2. Country and Currencies
  3. National Parks
  4. Bird Sanctuaries
  5. List of Indian Rivers
  6. List of Waterfalls
  7. Airports
  8. National Symbol
  9. National Animals
  10. National Dances
  11. Awards list
  12. Important Days
  13. RBI Governors List
  14. Indian Prime Minister List
  15. Indian President List

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