“Shared Destiny-2021” military exercise by China, Pakistan, Thailand, Mongolia

Shared Destiny-2021 military exercise by China, Pakistan, Thailand, Mongolia

China, Pakistan, Mongolia, and Thailand’s military forces will participate in the exercise named “Shared Destiny-2021”.

  • The first multinational peacekeeping live exercise “Shared Destiny-2021” is to be organized by the People’s Liberation Army at the combined-arms tactical training base of the PLA in Henan’s Queshan county from September 6th to September 15th, 2021.

“Shared Destiny-2021”

  • The exercise aims to make drills of battlefield reconnaissance, security guarding & patrol, protection of civilians, protection to armed escort, response to violent & terrorist attacks, construction of temporary operation base and battlefield first aid & pandemic control for responding to UN’s Action for Peacekeeping initiative.
  • It will enhance practical cooperation and forces’ capability of carrying out tasks.


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