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Seeing-Eye Guide Dog Anniversary 2024

The Seeing-Eye Guide Dog Anniversary is observed on January 29 every year. The day acts as an appreciation for all of the dogs who act as their owners’ eyes and ears. The day recognizes the school that educates them.

History and Significance

Morris Frank holds credit for being the first recipient of a sighted dog in the U.S., a dog called Buddy. An American dog breeder residing in Switzerland, Dorothy Harrison Eustis noted regarding a guide dog display in Potsdam, Germany, in 1927, and the essay was seen in “The Saturday Evening Post.”

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In 1929, The See-Eye was kicked off on January 29 with Frank and Eustis as co-founders. The Seeing-Eye Guide Dog Anniversary marks the See-Eye’s inception date as the year’s anniversary.

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2024January 29Monday
2025January 29Wednesday
2026January 29Thursday
2027January 29Friday
2028January 29Saturday

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What breed of dog is used as a guide dog?

Labrador Retrievers and Golden Retrievers.


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