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Ratio and Proportion Practice Set 2 : Quantitative Aptitude

Ratio and Proportion Practice Set 2 : Quantitative Aptitude

  1. The number of phones in 3 Modals is in the ratio 6:7:8. If 15 phones are increased in each modal this ratio changes to 9:10:11. The total number of phones in the three Modals in the beginning was
    A) 84
    B) 105
    C) 126
    D) 168
    E) None    
  2. X and Y are two alloys in which ratios of nickel and iron are 4:5 and 6:7 respectively. If these equally amount of two alloys are melted and made alloy Z. What will be the ratio of nickel and iron in alloy Z ?
    A) 27:32
    B) 32:27
    C) 15:22
    D) 22:15
    E) None    
  3. If 5/8th of a drum is filled in 1 minutes, how much more time will be required to fill the rest of it.
    A) 25sec
    B) 20sec
    C) 45sec
    D) 36sec
    E) None    
  4. A lady mixed 1 liter of water for every 3 liters of milk and thus made up 36 liters of milk. If she now adds 15 liters of milk to mixture to get more profit, find the ratio of milk and water in the new mixture made by her:
    A) 13:5
    B) 14:3
    C) 3:14
    D) 5:13
    E) None    
  5. The ratio between the ages of Priya and Amit is 3:2 respectively. If the ratio between 1/5th of Priya’s age and 1/3rd of Amit’s age is 9:10. Find the age of Amit ?
    A) 45
    B) 30
    C) 32
    D) Data Inadequate
    E) None    
  6. A Box contains a mixture of two liquids Alpha & Beta in the proportion 5 : 3. If 16 litres of the mixture is replaced by 16 litres of liquid Beta, then the ratio of the two liquids becomes 3 : 5. How much of the liquid Beta was there in the bucket?
    A) 16.5 l
    B) 18 l
    C) 14.5 l
    D) 15 l
    E) None    
  7. The difference between A and B positive numbers is 10 and the ratio between them is 5:3. Find the product the A and B numbers
    A) 360
    B) 375
    C) 390
    D) 425
    E) None    
  8. If the ratio of the ages of Pooja and Priya is 6:7 at present, and twelve years from now, the ratio will get changed to 8:9, then find Pooja’s present age.
    A) 38
    B) 46
    C) 42
    D) 36
    E) None    
  9. The ratio of A and B   is 43 : 47 respectively. The average number of A and B is 135. What is the number of B ?
    A) 166
    B) 135
    C) 141
    D) 156
    E) None    
  10. The ratio of boys and girls in a city is 7 : 8 respectively and percentage of children among boy and girl is 25 and 20 respectively. If number of girls is 156800, what is the total population of the village?
    A) 400000
    B) 386400
    C) 367500
    D) 412300
    E) None

Ratio and Proportion Practice Set 2 Answer : 

Question 1)  :  B
Question 2)  :  E
Question 3)  :  D
Question 4)  :  B
Question 5)  :  D
Question 6)  :  D
Question 7)  :  B
Question 8)  :  D
Question 9)  :  C
Question 10)  : C


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