PUBG Mobile Season 16 RP Rewards


PUBG Mobile Season 16 RP Rewards

As we know that PUBG Mobile Season 16 has started some days ago. when a new season comes then ranks are reset. Season 16 is based on Metro Royale-theme and will introduce many new outfits, gun skins and other items. players will have two passes the Elite Pass and Elite Pass Plus will be available for players for 600 UC and 1800 UC respectively.

PUBG Mobile Season 16 RP Rewards List –

  • RP 1: Anna Outfit B / Artyom Outfit and Metal Medley – DP28
  • RP 10: Metal Medley Smoke Grenade
  • RP 20: Hype emotes & Angry Chicken Helmet
  • RP 30: Evacuation Point Parachute & Metal Medley Airplane
  • RP 40: Metal Medley – Crowbar
  • RP 50: Cyber Enforcer Set and Venomous Skull – UZI 
  • RP 60: Night Terror emote
  • RP 70: Punk Rhino Backpack
  • RP 80: Metal Owl Ornament
  • RP 90: Metal Medley – SCAR
  • RP 100: Night Terror Outfit and Night Terror Headgear

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