PUBG Mobile Season 16 Release Date Soon

PUBG Mobile Season 16 Release Date Soon

PUBG Mobile Season 15 is going to end soon. everyone is so excited to know the PUBG Mobile Season 16 release date. the new season will bring new skins, new outfits, new more rewards. The Release Date for PUBG Mobile Season 16 is going to be near. In this article, we will discuss regarding PUBG Mobile season 16 release date, PUBG Mobile Season 16 leaks and so on.

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PUBG Season 16 Release Date

  • PUBG Content Youtubers say that the PUBG Mobile Season 16 will start on 17 November 2020 and it will be based on Metro-exclusive theme.
  • Also, developers shared information that they will bring season 16 with new changes in RP perks. however, the Royale pass price will remain the same and players will be able to purchase two variants passes such as Elite Pass and Elite Pass Plus. Elite Pass will be available in 600UC and the price of Elite Pass Plus will be 1800UC.

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There are leaked rewards in the next Season:

  • 1RP: Gun Skin
  • 25RP – Smoke Grenade
  • 35RP – Vehicle Skin
  • 45 RP – Aeroplane Skin
  • 60RP – Pan Skin

How to buy PUBG Mobile Season 16 Royal Pass?


  • First, Open PUBG app and click on the RP section which is on the main screen.
  • Click on the ‘Upgrade Pass’ button and here, you can select pass as per your choice and click on the button.

PUBG Mobile Season 16 Leaks

  • Night Terror Outfit
  • Night Terror Headgear
  • Season 16 Combat Goggles
  • Season 16 Thompson
  • Draconian Champion Hat
  • Draconian Champion – M16A4
  • Draconian Champion – Backpack
  • Le Tigre Suit
  • Draconian Champion – Machete
  • Draconian Champion Finish
  • Draconian Champion Parachute
  • Outlawed Fantasy – UMP45
  • Winter Queen M249 V
  • Icicle – Mini 14

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