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PUBG Mobile Season 16 release date

PUBG Mobile Season 16 release date

On 15th September 2020, PUBG Mobile Season 15 was released and PUBG Mobile Season 15 theme was based on Beyond A.C.E. PUBG Mobile Season 16 will start in next month. this season will introduce a wide variety of rewards that will be collected by users from the new Royal Pass.

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Release date for PUBG Mobile new season 16

  • PUBG Season 15 is going to end on 15th November and then, RP section will be locked till next season. Players could not collect rewards from the RP section.
  • It is being said that PUBG Season 16 will be released in next month on 17th November.
  • But, PUBG corp has not given its official confirmation for Pubg Game season 16 release date. generally, the gap between the old and new season is for a single day.
  • Royal Pass of Season 16 will consist of two passes – Elite Pass and Elite Pass Plus for 600 UC and 1800 UC. players can choose their pass or make subscription according to their requirement.

PUBG Mobile Season 16 RP leaks

There are many leaks have come out for next RP. Here are some of the list of rewards that have been leaked by Lucky Man.

  • Night Terror Outfit
  • Night Terror Headgear
  • Season 16 Combat Goggles
  • Season 16 Thompson
  • Draconian Champion Hat
  • Draconian Champion – M16A4
  • Draconian Champion – Backpack
  • Le Tigre Suit
  • Draconian Champion – Machete
  • Draconian Champion Finish
  • Draconian Champion Parachute
  • Outlawed Fantasy – UMP45
  • Winter Queen M249 V
  • Icicle – Mini 14

You can see the videos below to have a look at these items:

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