PUBG Mobile Season 15 New release date


PUBG Mobile Season 15 New release date

According to the latest updates, PUBG Mobile Season 15 was to come on 14th September but, the release date has been changed to 15th September 2020. The PUbG’s Season 15 theme is “Beyond the Ace“. it will be added to the Erangel map.

PUBG Mobile Season 15 new release date and time –

  • As we know that Season 14 ends and Royal Pass section is locked. players could not access the RP section in order to redeem rewards or complete missions. when a player will click on RP missions he/she will find the time remaining for the next season 15 to begin.
  • As per new Patchs, PUBG Mobile Season 15 is going to be started on 15th September 2020 at 2 AM GMT. after the beginning of the new season, players could buy Elite Pass and the Elite Pass Plus for 600 UC and 1800 UC, respectively.

leaked Royal Pass rewards by YouTubers –

  • RP 1 – Whitestar Outfit and Gauntlet Thompson
  • RP 5 – Whitestar Headgear
  • RP 10 – Samurai Ops Smoke Grenade
  • RP 20 – Sad Emote, Golden Nights Backpack
  • RP 25 – Island Dance Emote
  • RP 30 – Samurai Ops Parachute, Shadow Assassin Outfit
  • RP 35 – Shadow Assassin Headgear
  • RP 40 – Samurai Ops – Pan
  • RP 50 – Silver Plate – VSS, Royal Finnish
  • RP 52 – PUBG Exceptional Crate
  • RP 60 – Silverstar Outfit and Silverstar Headgear
  • RP 70 – Samurai Ops Emote
  • RP 75 – Samurai Ops Avatar (Season 15)
  • RP 80 – Samurai Ops Helmet
  • RP 90 – Samurai Ops – AKM
  • RP 100 – Samurai Ops Outfit and Samurai Ops Headgear

Read about 1.0 Patch Notes –

  • PUBG Mobile 1.0 update brings the new version of Erangel map called as Erangel 2.0. The UI and graphics have been made perfect than previous. moreover, the Livik map has been updated and refined improvements in it.

Q.1 what is PUBG Mobile Season 15 New release date?

the release date has been changed to 15th September 2020.

Q.2 What is the Theme of PUBG Mobile Season 15?

The theme of PUBG Mobile Season 15 is Beyond the Ace.

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