PUBG Mobile Indian version


PUBG Mobile Indian version

After a ban of two months, PUBG Corp has hinted to launch PUBG in India. it also shared a teaser on its official page. However, PUBG Corporation will introduce PUBG Mobile Indian version for Indian players with some changes. In this article, we discuss what will be new in PUBG Mobile Indian version.

Changes in the PUBG Mobile Indian version

#1 Hit effect – In the Indian version, The hit effect will be green it is the game’s virtual nature. but, In the global version, The players are able to change this colour.

#2 Default character clothing – Players will be provided All the game’s characters to be fully clothed by default.

#3 Restrict the game time for Indian players – There will be some restrictions such as time. a time Restriction would be placed in order to prevent addiction of game and help in being healthy gameplay habits and culture.

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