PM CARES for Children Scheme


PM CARES for Children Scheme: A Helping Hand to Children Who Have Lost Parents

On 29th May 2021, PM Narendra Modi launched The PM CARES for Children Scheme that aims to provide support to children who have lost both the Parents or legal Guardian or Adoptive Parents or Surviving Parent to COVID-19 pandemic during the period starting from 11th March 2020.

  • The main purpose of this scheme is to ensure the care and protection of Children in a sustained manner.
  • it will enable their well-being through health insurance, empower them through education.
  • The scheme can be accessed through an online portal @
  • States/UTs have been asked to identify and register the eligible children on the portal.

Benefits of the Scheme

  • Such children will get a monthly stipend once they turn 18 and a fund of Rs 10 lakh when they turn 23 from PM CARES.
  • Children who lost their parents to Covid will get Free education.
  • They will be provided an education loan for higher education & PM CARES will pay interest on the loan.
  • The Children will also receive free health insurance of Rs 5 lakh under Ayushman Bharat till 18 years & premium will be paid by PM CARES.


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