Odia New Year


Odia New Year –

13 April 2020 Today Current Affairs – Maha Bishuba Pana Sankranti is known as the Odia New Year which falls on 13 April Annually. Pana Sankranti starts on April 13 in year. Pana is a drink offering. people like to celebrate Pana Sankranti with great joy, social, cultural and religious performances.

About Pana Sankranti –

Why this day is Celebrated ?

  • It is believed that this day is the 1st day of the solar year. the sun is fully rested on the equator on two occasions named are Tula Sankranti’ and another is ‘Mesha Sankranti’. After the ‘Mesha Sankranti’, the sun starts moviing in the northern direction where India is located to the north of the equator. that’s why, the sun’s 1st movement is celebrated as Mesha Sankranti.
  • If we talk about the Odia’s tradition that people believes Pana Sankranti as birthday of the Hindu deity Hanuman. we all know that in Ramayana, Hanuman paid loving devotion to Vishnu avatar Rama. people like to visit Devi temples on Pana Sankranti.

How People celebrate Pana Sankranti –

  • On the occasion of Odia New Year, people utilizes a small pot which is filled up with “pana” or a sweet drink of Mishri and there is a hole at the bottom of the pot which is for falling water from the pot on a basil (Tulsi) plant, it is a like represention of rain.

There are some other New Year festivals – 

  • Baisakhi – Punjab
  • Bihu – Assam
  • Vishu – Kerala
  • Puthandu – Tamil Nadu
  • Naba Barsha – Bengal
  • Juir Sheetal – Mithila
  • Bisu Parba – Tulu Nadu, Karnataka

Q.1 Wht people celebrate Pana Sankranti every year?

Pana Sankranti has anothar name Odia New Year. people love to celebrate Pana Sankranti with great joy, social, cultural and religious performances.

Q.2 How People like to celebrate Pana Sankranti ?

people like to utilize a small pot which is full up with “pana” or a sweet drink of Mishri and a hole is made at the bottom of the pot from which water starts falling on a basil (Tulsi) plant

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