Nuclear Power Plants in India


Nuclear Power Plants

Dear Students in this Artical we are giving all information about List of Important Power Plant in India  . There is a possibility to ask you. one or two Questions which can be related about Important Power Plant in India.

There are important list of power plants of India with capacity and where they are located .

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Nuclear Power Station Location  District Name State Name
  • Tarapur Atomic Power Station
Tarapur Thane Maharashtra
  • Kakrapar Atomic Power Station
Kakrapar Surat Gujarat
  • Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant
Kudankulam Tirunelveli Tamil Nadu
  • Kaiga Nuclear Power Plant
Kaiga Uttara Kannada Karnataka
  • Narora Atomic Power Station
Narora Bulandshahr Uttar Pradesh
  • Gorakhpur Atomic Power Station
Fatehabad Fatehabad Haryana
  • Rajasthan Atomic Power Project
Chhitorgarh Chhitorgarh Rajasthan
  • Madras Atomic Power Station
Kalpakkam Kanchipuram Tamil Nadu


Nuclear Power Plants