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New Zealand Lotto Results Today 13 December 2023, Who won Lotto NZ Tonight?

In this article, you can find the New Zealand Lotto results for today, Wednesday, December 13, 2023, along with the winning numbers and prizes in the latest draw with division. New Zealand Lotto Results draws take place on Wednesday and Saturday.

New Zealand Lotto Results Today 13 December 2023

Here, check the NZ lotto results:

  • Lotto Numbers: 04, 10, 21, 24, 34, 40
  • Bonus Number: 31, 04
  • Strike Numbers:34, 40, 24, 10


Lotto winners that also won PowerballMatchWinnersCombined Lotto & Powerball Prize Amount
Division 16 Lotto + Powerball0Powerball Rollover
Division 25 Lotto + Bonus Ball + Powerball0No Powerball Winners
Division 35 Lotto + Powerball32$1,331
Division 44 Lotto + Bonus Ball + Powerball69$102
Division 54 Lotto + Powerball1,077$53
Division 63 Lotto + Bonus Ball + Powerball1,286$40
Division 73 Lotto + Powerball12,999Bonus Ticket + $15


Lotto winnersMatchWinnersPrize 
Division 16 Lotto2$500,000 
Division 25 Lotto + Bonus Ball9$21,563 
Division 35 Lotto335$575 
Division 44 Lotto + Bonus Ball737$60 
Division 54 Lotto12,723$30 
Division 63 Lotto + Bonus Ball16,103$23 
Division 73 Lotto171,781Bonus Ticket 


Strike winnersMatchWinnersPrize
Strike 4Exact order all 40Rollover
Strike 3Exact order any 351$708
Strike 2Exact order any 22,780$72
Strike 1Exact order any 173,766Bonus Ticket

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New Zealand Lotto Results Today Wednesday 13 December 2023 – FAQs

What are the winning numbers in the New Zealand Lotto draw on Wednesday, December 13, 2023?

The winning numbers are XXXXX and X, with a Bonus Ball of X.

What prizes were awarded in Division 2 of the New Zealand Lotto draw?

Division 2 winners, who matched five numbers and the Bonus Ball, won $19,470 each.

What is the Powerball and Bonus Ball numbers in the New Zealand Lotto draw on December 13, 2023?

The Powerball number is 09, and the Bonus Ball is 19.


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