nCore Games List Full Details

nCore Games List Full Details –

nCore is a mobile game and interactive entertainment company, it is based out of Bangalore, India. nCore is known for creating and publishing category-defining mobile games for the Indian market. After banning Pubg in India by Govt, Pubg lovers are looking at the best alternative games like Pubg. a few days ago, Ncore games have made an announcement to release FAUG mobile app. here, we will discuss core games List 2020, details of games by Ncore games, Ncore games company and owner details, Ncore games which country. also read: nCore Games FAU-G version 1.0 official release

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Ncore games full List – Ncore Games from which country, Owners details and Ncore Games Wiki

  • Ncore Games has recently released a new game called FAU- G after banning 118 Chinese Apps. Ncore game has announced to donate the 20 per cent earnings to the Govt’s paramilitary forces fund named Bharat Ke Veer.

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  • The story of FAUG game is about to army battles. this app will help to promote patriotism in children is a great thing. through the app, youngsters will be motivated to join the military.

Ncore Games Company Details –

NCore games Logo
NCore games Company Logo
  • NCore games company is Bengaluru Based and owned by Vishal Gondal. The Ncore games is a leading gaming company that aims to boost #Atmanirbharbharat Movement of PM Modi.

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Ncore Games Wiki

  • As per the latest Updates, Ncore will donate 20 per cent of FAU- G app to the federal government’s paramilitary forces fund (also known as Veer of India ). the Game theme of FAU- G is based on a true story of Indian army. The app will encourage the youth to join the Indian army.
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Latest News nCORE:

Official Website ncore games

The official Website of NcoreGames is:

FAQ: nCore Games Company –

Q.1 Who is the CEO of nCore Games?

Dayanidhi MG is the CEO of nCore Games.

Q.2 which game has been created by nCore?

nCore has not made any Game yet. but, it announced FAU-G mobile game that will be released by company soon.

Q.3 NCore games is which Country?

NCore game is an Indian company and Bengaluru based. it is owned by an angel investor Vishal Gonda.

Q.4 who owns NCore games?

Bengaluru Based NCore games are owned by an angel investor Vishal Gondal.

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