National Womens Day on 13th February


National Womens Day on 13th February

The citizens are celebrating the 13th of February day as National Women’s Day. it marks the birthday of Sarojini Naidu and in 2021, it will be her 142nd birthday anniversary.

  • The main purpose of the day is to celebrate the social, cultural, political and economic achievements of women.

Who was Sarojini Naidu:

  • She was born on 13th February 1879.
  • Her poems are known by the nickname “Indian Nightingale” or “Bharat Kokila”.
  • She passed the examination from the University of Madras.
  • in 1895, she got a chance to study England and studied at King’s College, London and later at Girton College, Cambridge.

Sarojini Naidu poems

  • she wrote a poem called “Lake Girl”. Her first collection of poems is titled “Golden Threshold”. Sarojini’s poems “Birds of Time” and “Broken Wings”.


  • She served as president of the Indian National People’s Congress in 1925. she became the 2nd female president.

Sarojini Naidu Awards

  • She got the Kaiser-i-Hind in 1928

National Women’s Day 2021 Wishes

Happy National Women’s Day to all the incredible women! Shine on…. Not just today but every day!

I treasure you close to my heart. Here are my best wishes to you on National Women’s Day 2020!

Some women are lost in the fire. But you are built from it! Best wishes on Women’s Day.

National Women’s Day 2021 Messages

You’re my source,
You’re my power.
You’re my love,
You’re my flower.
You always take care,
I hear your heart song.
So be happy, my dear,
As the day is long!

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