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National Stop Bullying Day – October 11, 2023

National Stop Bullying Day – October 11, 2023– Every year, National Stop Bullying Day is marked on the second Wednesday in October. This year, the day will fall on 11 October 2023. The day aims to learn about bullying and recognise how schoolchildren, their teachers and their parents can prevent it. The day brings together children, educators, and parents for the sake of preventing bullying situations.

National Stop Bullying Day – History

Dr. Dan Olweus, a Norweigan psychologist, spearheaded efforts to understand and prevent bullying. Dr. Olweus conducted a bullying prevention program in order to inform American anti-bullying efforts in the 1990s. In 1999, after the school shooting at Columbine, anti-bullying programs were conducted in and around schools. The anti-bullying laws and policies were launched to fight bullying, and teachers focused on empowering bystanders, policing classrooms and hallways, and punishing and reforming bullies.

National Stop Bullying Day – Dates

2021October 13Wednesday
2022October 12Wednesday
2023October 11Wednesday
2024October 9Wednesday
2025October 8Wednesday

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