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National Maxwell Day 2024: Date, History and Significance

Every year, National Maxwell Day is observed on January 30 to celebrate the history of the name and all the Maxwells worldwide. The name Maxwell is a Scottish surname, and a habitational name derived from near Melrose in Roxburghshire, Scotland. In 1144, The name Maxwell was used as ‘Mackeswell,’ meaning “Mack’s spring.” Maxwell as a surname is defined in Scottish Gaelic as MacSuail. The name Maxwell is of Scottish origin and means ‘great stream.’

History and Significance

Maxwell is a masculine English name and its meaning is “from Mack’s Spring.” Maxwell’s name has been used as a first name since 1880 when the U.S. began keeping track of names, and its usage peaked at 107 in 2014.

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2024January 30Tuesday
2025January 30Thursday
2026January 30Friday
2027January 30Saturday
2028January 30Sunday

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Who built the Newark Castle in Port Glasgow?

Sir George Maxwell.

Is Maxwell a unisex name?



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