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Mukhyamantri Matru Pushti Uphaar scheme


Mukhyamantri Matru Pushti Uphaar scheme

  • The State Govt of Tripura has launched an ambitious scheme named as “Mukhyamantri Matru Pushti Uphaar”. it aims to help in providing nutrition kits to pregnant and lactating women. due to this, State will be able to combat infant and maternal mortality and malnutrition. scheme is going to benefit over 40,000 women in the state.
  • Under the Matru Pushti Uphaar Yojana, a pregnant lady will be undergone four times tests in the Primary Health Centers (PHC) and thwy will be given a nutrition kit after each test, kit is comprising of food items and grocery supplies such as peanuts, soyabeans, mixed pulses, jaggery and ghee.


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