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“Mee Annapurna” initiative in Maharashtra


Mee Annapurna initiative

  • The IRDA has begun an initiative named as “Mee Annapurna” in Maharashtra state. this initiative can be seen as part of commitments as a Corporate Social Responsibility towards the welfare of the farmers and agriculture community in Maharashtra. in addition, initiative is completly depended on three (Pillars) commandments they are : Expertise, Engagement and Entitlement.

What is “Mee Annapurna”?

  • “Mee Annapurna” is known as a commitment of Integrated Risk Insurance to the Bhoomiputra’s of Atmanirbhar Maharashtra. it aims to uplift the farming community by providing them long term sustainable program for the continuity of their more income.

You Must Read this About Maharashtra in Deep –

Formation- 1 May 1960
Capitals – Mumbai, Nagpur (Winter)
Total Districts – 36
Governor – Bhagat Singh Koshyari
Chief Minister – Uddhav Thackeray
Deputy Chief Minister – Ajit Pawar
Total Area – 307,713 km2
State Animal – Giant Squirrel
State Bird – Green Imperial Pigeon
State Flying Insects – Beautiful, Blue Mormon Butterfly
State Tree – Mango Tree
State Flower – Jarul (Taamhan)

Mee Annapurna initiative

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