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MasterChef India 2023 Season 7 Elimination Today: 27th March 2023

MasterChef India 2023 Season 7 Elimination Today – MasterChef India is an Indian Hindi-language competitive cooking reality show and is based on MasterChef Australia and is part of MasterChef India. The show has been produced by Endemol Shine, it premiered on 16 October 2010 on Star Plus India’s favourite cooking reality show MasterChef India 2023 (Season 7) started enjoying fans from the audition episodes.

MasterChef India Season 7 Hindi version was announced on August 5, 2022. It is being hosted by chefs Vikas Khanna, Ranveer Brar, and Garima Arora. the show was aired on 2 January 2023 on SET and Also aired on Sony’s OTT platform SonyLIV.

16 cooks will fight to win MasterChef India 2023’s Chef Coat and a Trophy. Top 36 cooks will be part of every week’s Mystery Box Challenge, Immunity Pin Challenge as well as in Elimination Challenge.

MasterChef India 2023 Eliminations

27 March 2023 two contestants will get eliminated
Wait for Top 4
24 March 2023Nayanjyoti won the advantage for Black Apron Challenge.
22 March 2023Gurkirat got the black apron and entered the elimination challenge.
17 March 2023Sachin got eliminated from MasterChef India in 2023.
3 March 2023No Elimination
24 February 2023Deepa got eliminated from MasterChef India 2023
13th February 2023Nazia left the show due to her daughter’s health.
10th February 2023Priya got eliminated from MasterChef India 2023
13th January 20231st elimination from the top 16 home cooks of MasterChef India.

MasterChef India 2023 News

13 January 2023 – The black apron holders Sachin, Baa, Vineet, Santa, Priyanka, and Yashu will contest in the Pressure Test, and after that MasterChef India 2023’s first elimination will be held by the show judges.

  • Sachin, Kamaldeep, Baa, Vineet, Santa, Gurkirat, Priyanka, and Yashu will contest in MasterChef India’s 1st Mystery Box Challenge to stay safe this week.

MasterChef India 2023 Contestants

Sr No.Contestant NameProfessionStatus
1Avinash PatnaikPhD StudentIn Top 16
2Aruna VijayDigital CreatorIn Top 16
3BaaYouTuberIn Top 16
4Priyanka BiswasCake ArtistIn Top 16
5Santa SharmaHomemakerIn Top 16
6Nayanjyoti SaikiaStudentIn Top 16
7Priya VijanNutritionistIn Top 16
8Kamaldeep KaurHomemakerIn Top 16
9Dyuti BanerjeeProfessorIn Top 16
10Vineet YadavMehndi ArtistIn Top 16
11Nazia SultanaHome ChefIn Top 16
12Gurkirat Singh GroverLawyerIn Top 16
13Sachin KhatwaniCloud Kitchen OwnerIn Top 16
14Suvarna BagulHomemakerIn Top 16
15Deepa ChauhanEntrepreneurIn Top 16
16Yashu VermaChefIn Top 16
17Sakshi TripathiStudentEliminated
(Top 36)
18RatikaDigital CreatorEliminated
(Top 36)
19Subhojit SenEngineerEliminated
(Top 36)
20Dhananjay KodeEntrepreneurEliminated
(Top 36)
21Amjad LalaEntrepreneurEliminated
(Top 36)
(Top 36)
23Kanupriya MarwahEntrepreneurEliminated
(Top 36)
24Brijesh PandyaCake ArtistEliminated
(Top 36)
25Arahant JainChefEliminated
(Top 36)
(Top 36)
27Biswajit MoharathiChefEliminated
(Top 36)
28Ekta MalikHome BakerEliminated
(Top 36)
29Mhabeni NgulleiAccount ManagerEliminated
(Top 36)
30Neelam AgarwalEntrepreneurEliminated
(Top 36)
31Shishir MehtaEntrepreneurEliminated
(Top 36)
32Rakhi GaneriwalEntrepreneurEliminated
(Top 36)
33Poornima SuroshiFood Stall OwnerEliminated
(Top 36)
34Rohan AgnaniBakerEliminated
(Top 36)
35Mohabbat Singh CheemaOwnerEliminated
(Top 36)
36Chahat GuptaChefEliminated
(Top 36)

(Image Source: sonyliv.com)