LOUD Coringa Free Fire: Free Fire ID, stats

LOUD Coringa Free Fire: Free Fire ID, stats

LOUD Coringa is a free fire player and runs a youtube channel containing Free Fire content. Here, you will come to know about LOUD Coringa real name, country, Free Fire ID, Free Fire Stats in January Month and KD.

LOUD Coringa Free Fire ID

  • Free Fire ID is 370252571 and His real name is Victor Augusto

LOUD Coringa Free Fire Lifetime Stats

Squad stats

Games 5986 
Win percentage 24.75%
Wins 1482 
kills 15508 
K/D ratio 3.44

Duo stats

Games 2004 
Wins 262
Win Percent 13.07%
kills 5498 
K/D ratio 3.16

Solo stats

Games 1906 
Win percentage 9.28%
Wins 177
kills 4935 
K/D ratio 2.85

LOUD Coringa Ranked stats

Squad stats

Games 16
Wins/Win percentage 2/ 12.50%
kills 42
K/D ratio 3

Duo stats

Games 5
Wins/Win percentage
kills 5
K/D ratio 1

LOUD Coringa’s YouTube channel

When Started – 2 years ago

videos on YouTube – 448

views – More than 267 million

subscribers – 4.99 million

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