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List of top 10 Largest Statue in the World 2022

List of top 10 Largest Statue in the World 2022 – In this article, we have provided a list of the top 10 Largest Statue in the World 2022 with their Height, Location, and Country.

Tallest Statues in the World: Top 10 List

  1. Spring Temple– It was the world’s largest statue until November 2018. the statue denotes Vairocana Buddha. Spring Temple is located in Lushan County, Henan, China and is the second-largest statue in the world.
  2. Guanyin of Nanshan– It represents Bodhisattva Guanyin and has three aspects one side faces inland and the other two faces the South China sea that representing the blessings and protection of Guanyin of China and the whole world.
  3. Son Tra Quan Am– It is located in Da Nang, Vietnam and has 67 m high.
  4. Luangpho Yai– It is located in Wat Bhurapha Phiram Temple in Roi Et province. It represents the standing Gautam Buddha.
  5. Great Standing Maitreya Buddha– it is known for a white smile with protruding belly. The statue has 57.6 m tall.
  6. Statue of Gautama Buddha- It is situated in Kyaikto, Mon State, Myanmar and has 256 ft high. It represents Gautam Buddha.
  7. Statue of Equality– The statue of equality is known as the Ramanuja statue. It commemorates the thousand years of Ramanuja’s birth. It is the second tallest statue in the world.
  8. Statue of Liberty– It represents the figure of Libertas, a robed Roman Liberty Goddess. Her right-hand holds the torch over her head and in her left hand has a tabula ansata.
  9. Laykyun Sekkya– It is located in the Khatakan Taung village, near Monywa, Myanmar. It represents the Standing statue of Gautama Buddha. its construction was started in 1996 and was completed in 2018.
  10. Statue of Belief– The statue of belief represents lord shiva. it is located in Nathdwara, Rajasthan, India. it has a 106 m height.

Top 10 Largest Statues in the World

1.Spring Temple128 m (420 ft)Lushan, Henan, China
2.Guanyin of Nanshan78 m (256 ft)Sanya, Hainan, China
3.Son Tra Quan Am67 m (220 ft)Da Nang Vietnam
4.Luangpho Yai59.2 m (194 ft)Roi Et, Thailand
5.Great Standing Maitreya Buddha57.6 m (189 ft)Emei Township, Hsinchu Country, Taiwan
6.Statue of Gautama Buddha77.9 m (256 ft)Kyaikhto, Mon State, Myanmar
7.Statue of Equality65.8m (216 ft)Hyderabad, India
8.Statue of Liberty46m (148 ft)Liberty Island, New York, United States
9.Laykyun Sekkya115.8m (380 ft)Khatakan Taung, Myanmar
10.Statue of Belief106m (348 ft)Nathdwara, Rajasthan, India
11.Guishan Guanyin99m (325 ft)Weishan, Changsha, China
12.Great Buddha of Thailand92m (302 ft)Ang Thong, Thailand

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