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List of Largest Deserts in the World 2022

A desert is a barren area of landscape where little precipitation occurs and, therefore, living conditions are hostile for plant and animal life. In this article, we have provided a list of the Largest Deserts in the world with their names, Type, location and Area (km2)

Largest Deserts in the world

NameLocationArea (km)
Antarctica DesertAntarctica14,200,000
Arctic DesertEastern Europe, Northern America, Northern Asia, Northern Europe13,900,000
Sahara DesertEastern Africa, Middle Africa, Northern Africa, Western Africa9,200,000
Great AustralianAustralia2,700,000
Arabian DesertWestern Asia2,330,000
Gobi DesertEastern Asia1,295,000
Kalahari DesertSouthern Africa900,000
Patagonian DesertSouth America673,000
Syrian DesertWestern Asia500,000
Great BasinNorthern American492,098
Chihuahuan DesertNorthern American453,248
Karakum DesertCentral Asia350,000
Colorado VictoriaNorthern Asia337,000
Sonoran DesertCentral America Northern America310,000
Kyzylkum DesertCentral Asia300,000
Taklamakan DesertEastern Asia270,000
Ogaden DesertEastern Asia256,000
Puntland desertEastern Asia200,000
Thar DesertSouthern Asia200,000
Ustyurt PlateauCentral Asia200,000
Guban DesertEastern Asia175,000
Namib DesertMiddle Africa, Southern Africa160,000
Dasht-e-MargoSouthern Asia150,000
Registan DesertSouthern Asia146,000
Atacama DesertSouth America140,000
Danakil DesertEastern Africa137,000
Mojave DesertNorthern American124,000
Chalbi DesertEastern Africa100,000
Columbia BasinNorthern America83,139
Dasht-e-KavirSouthern Asia77,000

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