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List of HTML Block and Inline Elements

List of HTML Block and Inline Elements

Block-level Elements

  • Such elements begin with a new line.
  • block-level elements use the full width available.
  • Such elements consist of a top and a bottom margin.


<!DOCTYPE html>

<div style="border: 2px solid red">Welcome to PrepareExams.Com</div>

<p> Here, The DIV element is a block element, and always begins on a new line and will occupy the full width available.</p>


List of block-level elements in HTML

<address>Defines the contact information
<article>Specifies independent, self-contained content
<aside>Defines some content aside from the content it is placed in
<blockquote>specifies a section that is quoted
<dd>Defines description list
<div>Defines a division or a section
<dl>Defines description list
<dt>Defines a term/name in a description list
<fieldset>Groups related elements in a form
<figcaption>Defines a caption
<figure>Defines self-contained content
<footer>Defines a footer for a Page
<form>Creates an HTML form to take user inputs
<h1> – <h6>HTML headings
<header>A set of navigational links
<hr>Thematic break 
<main>Main content of a document
<nav>Navigation links
<noscript>Alternate content
<ol>Ordered list
<pre>Preformatted text
<section>section in a Document
<table>HTML table
<tfoot>Groups footer content in Table
<ul>Unordered List
<video>Embed video content

HTML Inline Elements

  • These elements don’t begin with a new line.
  • An inline element occupies much width as necessary.

List of the inline elements in HTML:

<a>Defines hyperlink
<abbr>Defines abbreviation or an acronym
<acronym>Defines acronym
<b>Bold the text
<bdo>Bi-Directional Override
<big>Bigger text
<br>Line break
<button>Clickable button
<cite>Defines Title
<code>Defines computer code
<dfn>Definition element
<em>Defines emphasized text
<i>Defines italic text
<img>To embed an Image
<input> An input field
<kbd>Keyboard input
<label>label the content
<map>an image map
<output>Show the result 
<q>Defines short quotation
<samp>sample output
<script>To embed a client-side script
<select>Creates a drop-down list
<small>smaller text
<span>an inline container to mark up a some part of text
<strong>text with strong importance
<sub>Subscript text
<sup>Superscript text
<textarea>a multi-line text input control
<tt>Teletype text
<var>Text as variables in a document

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