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List of Games Terms

List of Games Terms

In the competitive exams such as IAS/PCS, Banking and SSC, questions are asked related to sports and their terms

GamesTheir Terms
BadmintonCourt, Net Fault, Double Fault, Cros Shot,
Dues, Advance, Drop, Love, Smash
BasketballRing Guard, Free throw line,
Key Hole, Pivot Tip Off, Lead Pass, FIBA
Billiards / snookzerQueue, Jigger, Break Pot, Inlock,
Hazard, Cans, Cue, Scratch
BoxingBlow, Bounce, Belt, Knock Down,
Heating, Villo, Punch, Jab, Huck, Upper Cut, 
Welter Weight
ChessGambit, Stalemate, Pawn, Checkmate,
Bishop, FIDE, Castle, Cheek, Pieces, Files,
Sielllian Defence.
CricketBat, Ball, China Man, LBW, Hat Trick,
Duck, Gully, Strock, Cover, Hit Wicket,
Googly, Popping, Crease, Follow On,
Duck, Stone Walling
FootballFull Back, Half Back, Free Kick,
Hat trick, Sweeper, throwing, Handball,
FIFA, Header, Dummy, Dribble
GolfPull Hall, The Green, Bunker, Par, Lie,
Bogey, Caddie, PGA Tour & masters open,
United States open, Tee
Archery Target, Bulls Eye, Muzzle, Shooting,
Skit Shooting, Plug
Squash Lob , Let, Kill, Hot Ball, Drive
Table TennisBack, Spin, Half, Court, Rally Late,
Top Spin, Chinese Grip, Foil, Back Spin,
Counter Bitting, Pin Holder Grip, Falt Hit
Lawn TennisLate, Grand Slam, Half Vally,  Hand Drive,
Dues, Service, ATP, WTA
SwimmingFINA, Butterfly, Breast Strock,
Spring Board, Twist, Front Crawl
ShootngTarget, Bulls Eye, Muzzle, Trench Shooting,
Shooting, Skill Shooting, Skit Shooting, Plug
PoloBunker, Chukker, Mallet
HockeyStick, Penalty Strock, Scoop, Undercutting,
Bully, Centre Forward, Push In, Side Line,
Half Bally
CyclingSprint, Time trial, Trackrace, Point race
HorseridingThree day Event, Dresses, Show jumping,
VolleyballSpikers, Booster, Deuce,  Smash,
Sidearm, Panetration
Weight LiftingJerk, Snatch
JudoCocoa, white, , Blue,  Green belt
WrestlingFree style, Point, Hal Nelson, Heave

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