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List of directors-general of the NCC (1948 – 2021)

List of directors-general of the NCC (1948 – 2021)

The National Cadet Corps (NCC) is known as the youth wing of the Indian Armed Forces and the headquarters of NCC is located in New Delhi, India. in this article, you will find a complete list of directors-general of the NCC wh has served between 1948 and 2021.

List of directors-general of the NCC

S.N.Name Appointment DateAppointment Date
1stGopal Gurunath Bewoor31 March 19481 August 1950
2ndVirendra Singh20 September 195113 November 1955
3rdDewan Prem Chand14 November 19556 September 1957
4thAmrik Singh7 September 19574 February 1959
5thRajender Singh Paintal15 February 19596 October 1961
6thAnant Singh Pathania7 October 196123 October 1962
7thVirendra Singh4 November 196231 July 1966
8thDewan Prem Chand1 August 19664 August 1967
9thD. S. Kalha 15 August 196719 May 1970
10thM. G. Hazari 30 June 197028 March 1973
11thB. M. Bhattacharjee23 April 197331 December 1975
12thH. K. Bakshi14 January 197626 April 1978
13thM. Thomas1 May 197821 December 1980
14thNarendra Singh22 December 198031 May 1983
15thS. L. Malhotra1 June 198331 October 1986
16thM. Mayadas1 November 198631 July 1988
17thA. Banerjee1 August 198831 August 1990
18thM. K. Lahiri 17 September 199030 September 1992
19thG. L. Bakshi1 October 199231 July 1994
20thR. Mohan1 August 199430 September 1996
21stB. S. Malik28 February 199724 April 1999
22ndA. S. Rao25 April 199931 October 2001
23rdB. K. Bopanna1 November 200131 July 2004
24thM. C. Bhandari1 August 200427 September 2006
25thP. S. Chaudhary28 September 200630 November 2008
26thRaj Kumar Karwal1 December 200831 January 2011
27thP. S. Bhalla21 February 201130 November 2013
28thAniruddha Chakravarty1 December 201331 August 2016
29thVinod Vashisht23 December 2016October 2017
30thB. S. Sahrawat22 December 201710 April 2018
31stP. P. Malhotra11 April 201830 January 2019
32ndRajeev Chopra31 January 201931 December 2020
33rdTarun Kumar Aich1 January 202126 September 2021
34thGurbirpal Singh27 September 2021Incumbent

Who was the first director of NCC?

Gopal Gurunath Bewoor was the first director of NCC.

Who is the founder of NCC?

The British Government established National Cadet Corps (NCC) in 1942 to make up for the shortage in the Army.

When was NCC started in India?

The NCC in India was founded under the Act of 1950.

What is the motto of NCC?

the motto of NCC is Unity and Discipline (एकता और अनुशासन).


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