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Kerala govt launches ‘COVID-19 death information portal’


Kerala govt launches ‘COVID-19 death information portal’

The Kerala state government has launched the Covid-19 death portal to maintain a proper record of the number of deaths due to the Covid-19 Virus. The ‘Death Information Portal’ will have details of people who succumbed to Covid-19, will also include their names, age, and gender.

  • Kerala Health Minister Veena George has said the govt has unveiled the COVID-19 death information portal that aims to help in understanding more details regarding the deaths due to COVID-19 Virus.

COVID-19 Death Information Portal in Kerala

  • This portal will be accessible by both the public and government agencies. the public can even search the details of the death of their relatives using this portal.
  • The information can be procured by entering the details such as name, district, and date of death in the Death Information Portal.
  • Also, All deaths that the govt has officially reported as COVID-19 deaths can be retrieved in this portal.
  • Govt agencies can verify the authenticity of the Death Declaration document issued by the district medical office (DMO).


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