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K-9 Veterans Day 2024: Date, History, Significance

Every year, K-9 Veterans Day is celebrated on March 13. K-9 breeders and handlers in the United States celebrate this day to honor the service of their furry companions. K-9s serve essential roles in the military and law enforcement. They take part in border patrol and customs, airports, the Coast Guard, the F.B.I., the police, and the Secret Service. The main purpose of the day is to recognize other service dogs that help citizens with disabilities and support animals for those with mental health issues.


Joe White kicked off K-9 Veterans Day. Joe White was a Vietnam War veteran from Jacksonville, Florida. He was a dog handler. He introduced a holiday to create awareness and honor the sacrifices of military working dogs.

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2024March 13Wednesday
2025March 13Thursday
2026March 13Friday
2027March 13Saturday
2028March 13Monday

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What is K9 in the military?

K-9 refers to military working dogs.

What states recognize K-9 Veterans Day?

New Jersey, Florida, West Virginia, and Michigan officially celebrate K-9 Veterans Day.


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