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Justin Bieber diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt Syndrome

Justin Bieber diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt Syndrome – Pop sensation Justin Bieber has revealed that a viral disease has temporarily paralysed one side of his face. he has cancelled his shows.

  • Bieber said in an Instagram video, Bieber has developed a rare condition called the Ramsay Hunt Syndrome. the condition has fully paralysed the right side of his face.

What is Ramsay Hunt Syndrome?

  • Ramsay Hunt Syndrome is a neurological disease.
  • It has a virus – Varicella Zoster – that causes inflammation of the nerves involved in facial movements.
  • When the nerves get inflamed, one loses his/her ability to function, leading to temporary facial palsy or paralysis.
  • infected can’t receive the necessary signals to function properly.

Symptoms of Ramsay Hunt Syndrome

  • The symptoms include painful, red rash and blisters in and around the ear and facial paralysis on the same side.
  • Can lose hearing in the ear
  • Inability to close the eye causes dryness.
  • Rash on the eardrum

How is Ramsay Hunt Syndrome treated?

  • Ramsay Hunt Syndrome can be treated using antiviral drugs, steroids and physiotherapy. Steroids and antiviral drugs are the cornerstones of the treatment, said Dr Mukherji.

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