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Japan aerospace agency will launch H3 rocket in 2021

Japan aerospace agency will launch H3 rocket in 2021

On 12th January 2021, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency- JAXA is going to launch rocket H3 in 2021 to flag the way for the next generation of transportation technologies.

The aim of Japan’s H3 launch vehicle to gain high reliability, flexibility, and higher-cost performance.

H3 Rocket

  • The rocket will provide several lines with 2 or 3first-stage engines (LE-9) and will deal with several playload sizes and orbits.

About H-series launch vehicles:

  • The launch vehicle will aim to explorer launch missions as well as satellites.
  • The H-IIB launch vehicle is known as a powerful version of H-IIA and will open a door to a new possibility for future missions.
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